Jerry Saxe

Los Angeles, CA

Glamorous Luxury Travel Specialist

There is no feat too big for me to handle. I have been in the travel business since 1986 and for the past 33 years I have traveled to every continent, visiting the most obscure places on this Earth. There is nothing I love more than traveling and being in the travel industry.

I put together memorable trips of a lifetime for our clients, from CEOs to the most well known names in society today. If luxury is what you are looking for I am the person to handle this for you. Being in the industry for so many year, my list of contacts is insurmountable, contacts for only the finest in the industry... hotels, airlines, and guides around the world that surpass anyone around.

I have experienced the most unique adventures, and when booking through me I am able to recommend the finest restaurants, distinctive shopping, the best museums, and activities to do in each city. I have been able to get the impossible through my contacts. I have found lost luggage for VIP clients.  I have gone paragliding off of the cliffs in Switzerland, flew in a helicopter out to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, rode in the 59’ Chevys in Havana, bicycled around Beijing, had private dinner in a wine cellar in Tuscany, went on a sleigh ride in the outskirts of Moscow, and a dinner party in the home of a Nairobi businessman. I’ve attended private concerts with very well known names in the music industry.

I will make your travel experience high touch, luxurious, and something you will never forget.

Destination Expert:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • Vietnam

Travel Specialist:

  • Luxury
  • Global Travel
  • Luxury Hotels
  • European Culture
  • Luxury Cruises
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